Wilmington High Red Devils, from 1901 to 1999

           Wilmington High School on Delaware Ave., from 1901 to 1960 

Wilmington High School on DuPont Rd. and Lancaster Ave. 1961 to 1999


Quotes miss Hamby was my gym teacher at Lore , when i went to warner, she became the girls gym teacher there, then after leaving warner school, I followed her to W.H.S..miss Hamby passed away a few years ago. she had married In latter life, I did not know her married name . but any one that knew her ,or was taught by her became a better person .you kid her , she would kid you back. Like a lot of her old students , I miss her. I thought of her as family . God Bless Her. Quotes
Ralph Pryor
miss Hamby ( teacher )

Quotes Walter Mitchell - Harry Andrews were two of my biggest influences. Mr. Wise was my gym teacher. Here is a neat story. I have Mr. Matusoff for Math. A2 + B2 = C2. Years later I am playing at The Brandywine Country Club. I am on break so I go to the mens room. I am standing at the urial and I hear a voice next to me say. A2 + B2 = I looked over and it was Mr. Matusoff. Quotes
WHS Band

Quotes Does anyone know how to get an old yearbook? all of mine were ruined by rain, but i am mainly looking for graduating class of 81, thank you!! Quotes

Quotes What a joy to find such clear tinkhing. Thanks for posting! Quotes

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